Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Jones'

Howdy All!! The Jones' family is good! Cooper is getting bigger every day!! He now looks like a BOY, all that baby is long GONE!! He is quite a little ham...get him to tell you his knock-knock joke...TOO FUNNY! He recently got into a fight with a sharpie marker...guess who won??? And ask Mommy what she learned about how to remove sharpie marker from skin! LOL!! We are truely enjoying him and all his energy!! It's some thing new every day!

Love to all

Howdy All from Texas!!

So it's been a while, seems it's time to clue the rest of the family in on our little project!!

So from the Hoffman House...

Austin is full force crawling EVERYWHERE!! Pulling to standing on anything that is still long enough for him to try! Walking is not far in our future! He has 2 teeth now and is starting to try solid foods. (loves goldfish just like sister!)
Madison is preparing for her 1st dance recital on May 18th (if you want to join us please do! should be very entertaining!) She has a tap number and a ballet! The costumes are ADORABLE and we can't wait to see her in action!!
Love & Kisses to all!!!