Monday, October 13, 2008


As if our family wasn't blessed our newest member...JACKSON! Baby Jackson joined the family on Monday, Oct 6th weighing in at 8lbs 11oz, and 21 inches long!
Joey is doing GREAT as a Big Brother! He even helped to carry him into the house for 1st time!
While looking at the lastest Jackson pics last night on my home computer, Madison came in, she was questioning who this baby was. So I told her about baby Jackson and he was her cousin. Which then led into "How many cousins do I have Mom?" so we had to count them all out on our fingers! Maddie was SO EXCITED that she now has 10 cousins total!! She was so proud and rushed off to try to recreate the counting for Daddy...she missed a few but who wouldn't! She thought baby Jackson was SOOOOO CUTE!! We can't wait to meet him in person in December when the family will all be together for Christmas! (and when some crazy woman made a appt for all 6 cousins to get professional pics together...don't know WHO did that!!)
Hugs & Kisses to all!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Austin Allen Hoffman is 1

Trevor's b-day

Catch Up Photos

Playing Catch Up....

As you can tell it has been a while since we've been on here, so stay tuned for a brief summary of the remainder of our summer. To start we had two AWESOME birthdays. Austin Allen Hoffman turned 1 years old and we had a great party with family and friends at the Cooper house and lots of pool time. Mommy also go Austin's 1yr pictures taken..which will follow this blog with all the other pics to catch up on. Trevor Harvey also had a birthday and he turned the big 3! His mommy had a great party for him at a local Frisco Firehouse...again with lots of family and friends. Then for some reason Anna & I though it would be a great idea to take to kids to the Circus...I mean really, we are the circus...LOL! But in all honesty the kids were great and thanks to our wonderful Uncle John Krivacic in California, we scored some wicked seats. So as you can see August and September we very busy..but October is going to be even better. Madison is having her 4th birthday the 25th and it will be a Halloween party, so stay tuned for those pics. Also the family has a new arrival coming Tuesday October 7th, if he doesn't come on his own before then. Joey Hortiz and parents are waiting on the arrival of Jackson Hortiz, little brother due any day now....SERIOUSLY! Again...sorry for the time lapse between blogs it has been a busy summer. Wishing everyone a great fall and GO COWBOYS!

Love, Niki & Anna

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our 4th of July

So we had one big family 4th of July!! We spent the afternoon at Gerry & Cotton's house swimming and of course eating! See our pics below! Joe, Jennifer, and Joey came to town for 2 weeks. It was great to see everyone and the kids had a blast together! So we had 5 kids under the age of 4, and 4 dogs, and boat loads of adults! All together there are 18 people, and 4 fur babies! WOW! It was rockin and rollin! Hope you enjoy our pictures!! Hopefully we'll get Jennifer's on here soon, because she got some good shots!

Talk to you all soon!
Anna & Niki

Happy 4th of July

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cooper's 1st Camping Trip

Cooper's 1st Camping Trip

Keeping up with the Joneses...

This weekend was Cooper's 1st camping trip and he had such a good time. He did very well and didn't want to go home until it was time to go to sleep in the tent, he wasn't too sure about that. He did like the all the stars in the sky, he said "they are all over the place, mom". When we were trying to settle down for bed he made a wish on a star that we could go home to his books and his was too funny! He also caught his first fish, which was about 1/2 the length of him, he really loves to fish..but had more fun playing with the minnows. We grilled out hot dogs for dinner...but Cooper survived almost entirely on Cheetos. I'm sure future camping trips will be more daddy and Cooper, and mommy and elvis will keep the home fires burning.

Love, Niki, Chris & Cooper

New Additions for Eric & Ashley

Here are some pictures of our new baby Abby! She is a 5 month old Beagle/Basset Hound mix and she and Mia absolutely LOVE each other! They have not stopped playing since we brought Abby home on Saturday evening!

Love, Eric & Ashley

The Hoffman's kids get a haircut!!

We took the kiddos for haircuts on Saturday! Madison has her 1st big girl haircut and we have the ponytail to prove it! Daddy finally agreed to let us chop it! Madison is not a fan of ponytails & braids (they hurt very too much!) so with it being so hot we figured she'd be cooler this way.

Austin is getting to be a big boy himself! We are DAYS away from walking! He even started to let go a little this weekend and stood a couple times without holding on. He is very busy all the time and tries to keep up with sister. He loves to splash in the bathtub and loves to be outside! He is constantly moving! He's eating solid food and still taking bottles.

Mommy & Daddy are in countdown mode...we leave for an adults only Mexico vacation in 17 days...oh yes days!! WHOO HOO!!
Love & kisses to all!
Anna, Jeremy, Madison, & Austin

Monday, June 9, 2008


It's summer time in Texas and we have a new pool in the family at the Cooper house...and it is already been put to the test with all these kids. We've been getting together the past few weekends for some family fun and it's only the 2nd week in June....gonna be a great summer! Our precious Joey will soon join the fun in July so stay tuned for updates from our big ol' 4th of July bash!

Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Jones'

Howdy All!! The Jones' family is good! Cooper is getting bigger every day!! He now looks like a BOY, all that baby is long GONE!! He is quite a little ham...get him to tell you his knock-knock joke...TOO FUNNY! He recently got into a fight with a sharpie marker...guess who won??? And ask Mommy what she learned about how to remove sharpie marker from skin! LOL!! We are truely enjoying him and all his energy!! It's some thing new every day!

Love to all

Howdy All from Texas!!

So it's been a while, seems it's time to clue the rest of the family in on our little project!!

So from the Hoffman House...

Austin is full force crawling EVERYWHERE!! Pulling to standing on anything that is still long enough for him to try! Walking is not far in our future! He has 2 teeth now and is starting to try solid foods. (loves goldfish just like sister!)
Madison is preparing for her 1st dance recital on May 18th (if you want to join us please do! should be very entertaining!) She has a tap number and a ballet! The costumes are ADORABLE and we can't wait to see her in action!!
Love & Kisses to all!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a wonderful Easter! Joe, Jennifer, and baby Joey joined us in Dallas we had a great visit and the kiddos really enjoyed eachother!

Our family will once again be growing this year...

Congratulations to Eric & Ashley who got engaged Easter night!!

Congratulation to Joe, Jennifer, & Joey who will have a special addition joining this crazy bunch on October 10th 2008!!

More should be added soon...

Crazy Cousins

This page is a family combo...
We have a very LARGE family and thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on our wild bunch!

We are...
Joe, Jennifer, Joey, + 1
Chris, Niki, Cooper
Jeremy, Anna, Madison, & Austin
Jordan & Trevor
Eric & Ashley

Hopefully if this works out...we'll be updating frequently with pictures and stories of our kiddos! Hope you enjoy!!